Soils Resource Guide

Here are some references that will help you excel in the soils portion of the competition. You may use other references along with these if you so desire. 


READ ME FIRST - Elementary Soils Concepts

Soils of New Mexico

Soils of New Mexico - Notes


General Soil Principles

General Soil Principles - Notes



Characterizing a Soil Profile

Texture Guide

Soil Characterization

Parent Material and Landforms

Why Soil Is Important

From the Surface Down

Nutrient Cycles

Soil Erosion Causes Effects

Universal Soil Loss Equation


Land Capability Classification

Soil Biology Primer 

Soil Biology and Land Management

Soils Glossary

Land Judging and Soil Evaluation

NRCS Soils 
From the Natural Resources Conservation Service, an extensive collection of articles and resources.

Example Test Questions - these are NOT the exact questions on the test - use them to help you figure out how to think about soils

Field Book for Describing and Sampling Soils




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